Helping a Parent Make the Move to Senior Assisted Living

senior assisted living

Even under the best of circumstances, moving a parent into an senior assisted living facility can be an emotional process. If your parent is not in favor of the move, it can be particularly trying. As an adult child, it helps to remain focused on the fact that your parent will be safer, healthier and, in the long run, most likely happier in their new home.

Sometimes even bringing up to the prospect of assisted living to an aging parent can be difficult. But there are ways to make that conversation easier.

Some seniors resist the move to assisted living but others stubbornly refuse. This is true even if it is obvious living at home is no longer a safe option.

Putting your parent’s name on a waitlist for assisted living early offers peace of mind for families. It also helps to avoid crisis-driven decisions.

We here at Parsons House Assisted Living understand how difficult the process of moving a parent into senior assisted living can be. We can help, Contact Us today to learn more.